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Hello Sexy People, If you didnt recieve our address Its Possibly you weren't Approved !! Because your profile is New and its a Free member profile !

Please email us at
SLS has asked everyone that is having parties to not POST certain things on EVENT calendar to protect them. They review our emails for approval and they sometimes dont send out in time. 

We have to follow thier rules.

We ALL know that there is COST involved in having these parties, FANTASTIC FOOD, Music, supplies, SEXY FUN, ETC....:)

This party is for paid members only!

Bringing friends who are not on SLS is NOT allowed.

They will need to sign up. by clicking on this icon>>>



Signing up as a Single but coming as a Couple will NOT be allowed unless approved otherwise. You must have

a PAID Couple Profile!


This is to protect our guest and thier privacy.

No photos or video please! if you need to use your phone please step outside!

We ask that you bring a small envolope with your screen name on it & Donation inside

(COUPLES $60.00) (Single Female$25.00) 

(Single male 100.00) We only have 10 single male spots!

Do NOT SEAL it, hand it to the host at the door for fast entrance.

As MOST of you know we take pride in HOSTING these SEXY parties so everyone can enjoy. 

Please take name off list if planning not to attend.

We also will not CONFIRM if you do NOT have pictures.


Single guys must have pictures on there profile and be Certified by some current member 


Please respect our neighbors with parking and Cover up while enter and exit. Ready to PARTY!!!

Lots of new stuff as we like to change up every party!  

ADDRESS will follow in email on Friday If coming far send email and we can give you location for hotel. EXCITED to SEE everyone and hope this doesnt offend anyone, Most of you have been to our parties and know us, for those that are new check out our CERTS.  

Thank you T & L

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